Really!!! I thought mnet and some other shows were cancelling this week too. Omfg will i finally be able to see their comeback stage in non sucky quality??!! :ooooo

uhhhh idk mbc is already up and running soooo idk

maybe not mnet yet then :(

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It could be delayed tho for at least a week ;; I think the last time i saw the death toll was like 40 something but that was a while probably rose to at least near 100

but all the shows are coming back this week..

it’s at 159 ;n;

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Hahaha at least xoxo exo will come out soon…hopefully. I CANT WAIT BUT SEWOL T____T

i think its airing thiis friday omg 

omg i know did you see the death toll :(

Waeyo? Finally finished exo showtime?

yes ugh i finished yesterday when i was home sick i watched them all

sitting ont he floor

infront o fhte   tv


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First mcm now a new exo blog haha


i’ve hit rock bottom i made an exo blog this is the end i’m done for 


Soryong’s ideal woman is sitting right next to him

{breathtaking fics} 
// p o t i o n  a n d  c u r s e s

demon: i possessed you
me: get the fuck out
demon: damn...aight...rude ass bitch...i just need a place to stay my girl kicked me out and i aint got no money...
me: shit man, you can stay but don't be spinning my head like an owl and shit
agentdarkbooty229 asked:
"What if while Chanyeol, Tao, Kris were crushing on you & trying to get closer to you they notice another boy making the same advances on you."


Chanyeol is relatively confident in his appeal, and also quite laid back, so I’m not sure he would mind. He’d have faith that if you two were meant to be (and if you were interested in him/he had a shot at dating you), you’d turn down this guy yourself - maybe a little meanly, because Chanyeol has to get his kicks and giggles from somewhere!

Tao would try and intervene in the most casual way possible. He’d drag another mutual friend up to wherever this guy was hitting on you, and start introducing himself and striking up conversations - say, if the guy was wearing a graphic t-shirt, he’d start rambling about the design and if he liked the TV show etc. He’d try to be not-so-obvious, because he wouldn’t want you to think he liked you yet, but his feigned casualness may give it away!

Kris wouldn’t be able to deal with it, I don’t think. If he really, really liked you, he’d wouldn’t be able to just sit/stand there and watch this guy flirt with you. Like Tao, he wouldn’t want to give himself away before he was ready to tell you he liked you, so he’d restrain himself from making a scene and physically dragging you away. Instead, he’d end up dragging himself out of the room and taking time to cool off - slamming doors behind him as he went.

I hope this was okay, and thanks for requesting!


What If Infinite Were YouTubers?
Inspired by: x / x / x

can you send me some “make me choose” options bc it sounds rly fun omg

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